Wednesday, December 16, 2009

it's christmas time!!!!

It's officially Christmas time!!!! Sorry I haven't blogged in two months friends...I don't have a computer at home and so I'd have to go over to the parent's house and use their computer and life has been BUSY!! So...what's new since I last blogged? Well...I've started my job at the Community Development Foundation in Tupelo and I absolutely LOVE it. I love what I do (I'm the Controller so...accounting-type things), the people I work with, the organization I work for...all of it!

Merry Christmas from everyone at CDF! :) Don't I look important?

I also have a new hairstyle!! I got it cut about a month ago and I've been told I look sassy! It was a dramatic change! But I like it :) We'll see if I keep it short long-term...not entirely sure. I'll grow it out eventually. Oh and I have bangs!!

Me and Mary Neal @ Thanksgiving

Ummm...not much else is going on. I have my very own Christmas tree!!! I bought it and put it up and decorated it all by myself!! I was extremely proud of myself. I even made the bow to put on top and my sister (and probably my Mom) would tell you I'm not the best bow-maker on the face of the earth...or in my family. They always seem to come out...warped. But, I did this one!

Sister Sarah is almost home for Christmas!!!!!! So that's all for now. I'll try to blog again before Christmas and be better at updating more than every 2 months :) Yay for Christmas!!!! I love this time of year!!!!!


  1. I love your work picture...not only do you look important but you ARE important. And your tree is beautiful! I miss you!

  2. P.S. I still have you another Christmas present besides these comments if you will EVER come to Jackson =)



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