Wednesday, February 29, 2012

if you're weary...

Hiya there.

My name's Rebekah.

I feel the need to reintroduce myself to you since it's been like, oh...2 MONTHS since I've blogged.


Honestly? I'm weary.


And body tired.

It's not that Jesus hasn't been close, because He has. I just feel like it's been one thing after another the past month or so. To catch you up, I found out at the second week in February that I didn't pass my big test. :( I know, tragic.

I needed a 123 and made a 109. 'Tis not the end of the world, but, it definitely had me feeling defeated. Boo.

I'm taking the test again in a week and a half. So, prayers definitely appreciated. :)

I guess what finally gave me the strength to blog is we were talking about standing firm tonight at church. The text was Philippians 4:1 and it was just the encouragement I needed to hold on just a little longer. It's been that way. Every time I've wanted to throw in the towel and say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH." He's shown me, that He is enough. His strength really IS made perfect in our weakness. He really does give us the grace to face each day. And while trying to live life for Him really IS hard. It really IS worth it.

I'm thankful tonight that He is able to refresh our soul. That He meets our needs in a way that no one else can nor ever will.

I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. {Jer. 31.25}


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