Friday, December 10, 2010

i promise i'm alive (ep. 2)

Oh my goodness.

I just wanted to drop in and say a big hello to all the tens of you that read this blog.



But really.

It's been kind of hard to blog because as some of you know, I don't have a computer at my house. That makes the whole blogging thing kind of hard.

{If any of you want to buy me a computer because you love me and my writing that much or simply because you're the most awesomest person ever and have a generous spirit. Let's talk.}


I would say I'm kidding, but crazier things have happened. I assure you. And...I'm really not kidding. Well...only partly kidding. 98% of me is completely serious.

And I would blog at Mom and Dad's but their computer was shipped off somewhere to be fixed 2 1/2 weeks ago and it has yet to return. They're not expecting it back until the END OF DECEMBER.

How does one survive? Good thing my sister and mom can check Facebook on their phone or the world just. might. end. (And mine too, I ain't gonna lie).

Anyway, so that's why it's been the crickets around here lately.

I had the best of intentions to tell you all about the crazy awesome trip to Deeper Still {if you pause the video at the 45 second mark that's TOTALLY me in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. What's up with my hair? And my mouth? Oh well. Moving on.}

I also was going to tell you about the first Thanksgiving without the sister. A synopsis: having Thanksgiving on Saturday is BIZARRE. And I kind of liked it...but at the same time, I was completely thrown off Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Weird.

I was going to tell you how my Christmas tree is STILL not up. Neither is Mom and Dad's. I still have my wreath hanging on my front door. And there isn't a single bit of me that's freaking out over not having my Christmas decorations up .

Not a single bit.

I was going to tell you all about the most fabulous birthday I've ever had in my life. For real. The. most. fabulous. birthday. ever. The only actual gifts I received were 3 packs of sweet tarts {just because I'm curious, what side of your mouth do you chew sweet tarts on? Let's do a study. I'm serious. Stop laughing.} and a very special ornament with the letter 'R' on it that blinks. Oh, and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE.

Like, a bajillion people wrote on my Facebook wall. I got just as many texts and phone calls and emails. Having caring friends and family and people that you barely know is SO hard. I mean really. So hard.

And...what else...ummm...I met a ton of cool and awesome people at Deeper Still.

Example 2 {example 1 is the link above} ;)
Melanie aka Big Mama. She was so so so sweet. And I told her how I'm awkward too. That in and of itself is awkward enough. But really. I can be so awkward.

P.S. That is one CRAZY eye on my behalf. For real.

Example 3

Kelly from Kelly's Korner was sitting with the Compassion Bloggers and due to some seating issues we got to sit with them on Saturday morning, but this was Friday night when I was like, "Yeah, I read your blog and Harper is so cute and you're just the cutest little pregnant lady."

More awkward.

And while not a cool and awesome person. How about these cool and awesome SEATS thanks to (in)courage and DaySpring??


Oh, Chicken Burrito Bowl. I'm quite sure you will be served in Heaven. And guacamole, you too.

Okay, so...that's all I have time for. And there were very serious and spiritual things that happened and yes this post is just fluff, but I had to share. I couldn't keep it in any longer!

OH and I got to meet Lisa-Jo and Ann (we are on a first name basis now...ha.)

And I'm being COMPLETELY serious when I say the first words I said to Ann Voskamp were,


Yes. For real.

I can't go on anymore. Because really. Those were my first words to someone that writes the most beautiful words that I don't even UNDERSTAND sometimes.

Sheer fabulousness.

And awkward.

But we've established I rule at that.

Y'all have a good weekend.


{Sorry, I just don't have time for more words!}


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