Wednesday, September 29, 2010

take that cupcake! {wreath}

I had to give you a little update on the craft debacle from last week.

Last night I had just eaten a really late dinner and gone through the mail that had accumulated on my dining room table and was kind of cleaning off the counters when I saw the glue sticks that I bought Saturday. The glue sticks had been the first thing to go awry. I had bought the wrong size to go in my glue gun on Friday night. Thankfully, there were two sticks that came with the gun so that's what I worked with that night.

Then, I called in reinforcements, because folding those cupcake wrappers was hard work and I figured if I could have somebody folding while I was glueing. We'd be good.

We were off to a good beginning. Mawmaw was folding and I was hot-glueing like a craftin' fool. Occasionally yelping because hot glue on your fingertips is no laughing matter.

So...Friday night ends and Mawmaw and I have folded 150 cupcake wrappers to end up with this.

That, my friends, looks like a ring that a miniature lion would jump through or something. It was awful. (And that picture was taken in my kitchen in case you were confused by the change in venues.)

THAT - I could not hang on my door.
THAT - I debated even showing you a picture of.
Because...seriously...punyness abounded.
BUT sometimes you have to let others see your failures so they can see how far you've come.

{Hint Hint - There's a lesson about more than crafts and DIY things in that last sentence.}

So...back to last night. I was standing there, looking at the glue sticks, really trying to avoid hanging a ton of clothes up when I decided I would NOT let the cupcake wreath defeat me. I would conquer the craft! I was not to be relegated to the craft hall of shame. WAS. NOT.

So, I plugged that sucker in and folded 150 more cupcake liners all by myself and I started in on slaying that thing. Whilst jamming to some John Mayer. But only the last 6 songs on Continuum because my cd is cracked and it won't play the first 6 songs. Sad day.

Anyway, after even more hot glue injuries and listening to the same last 6 songs about 8 times, all the while contemplating what lyrics I should make my Facebook status...this is what I had come up with.

And y'all, not only did I get the best of the cupcake liners BUT I made 4 little rosettes and put them on a doily and glued them at the bottom. Given, they aren't the best rosettes I've ever seen, but I didn't even know how to make them and I was just playing around with the ribbon, so I was quite proud. It's the little things that get me.

And it's a wreath I'd be proud to hang on my door.

Although - it looks really orange. Is that just me? And I'm thinking about ripping off the polka-dot ribbon and just using the brown ribbon that the rosettes are made of. But who knows.

I'm just glad I can hold my head high while reading crafting blogs.


  1. You do amuse me! That's pretty cute!

  2. So cute! I'm very proud of you.

  3. I like the wreath! And the way you fancied it up!



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