Saturday, September 11, 2010

encouragement is...

encouragement is...

a hug in the airport when you're sending your daughter to the other side of the world.
sending a card to show someone you care.
that you value them.
that you value their sacrifice of a 'normal' life in the u.s. to bring Hope to filipinos.

encouragement is...

investing in the lives of the next generation.
telling them they are loved.
they are cared for.
they are beautiful.
even in their dress-up shoes.
and when they want to let the forks dance.

encouragement is...

cheering on your 7 yr. old cousin in pee-wee tackle football.
yelling "split the v. dot the i. curl the c. t-o-r-y. t-o-r-y. victory!"
a hug and a high-five after the game for all their hard work.

it's a friendly smile when you're new and you don't know if what you're doing is right.
it's a shared squall-fest when you know all they want is someone to cry with.
it's an "i've been there and you're going to make it through this."
it's letting a little boy know when they hold a door for you, that you appreciate it.
it's telling that boys' parents that
"you're raising him well. keep on doing what you're doing."
it's commenting on a blog and letting them know what they wrote spoke to you.
it's an email from one of your favorite bloggers saying, "what you said meant so much. thanks."
it's anything that makes the person on the receiving end want to keep on keeping on.

sunday september 12th is the 'national day of encouragement'.
(in)courage and dayspring gave their readers an awesome opportunity to spread hope and encouragement by sending hundreds of readers a 10-pack of their new 'hope and encouragement' cards.
for free.
i received my pack this past tuesday and the cards are absolutely beautiful.
i've already mailed two overseas to two special people.
(those are the pictures above).
there are others that i have in mind to get my free cards.
thanks so much for enabling us to encourage others through these awesome cards.
it made my week. for real.

if you haven't visited (in)courage, please do.
those women have changed my life in the words they've written over the past year since i've discovered it.
being open and honest about their struggles.
their victories.

i joke with people that my spiritual gift is encouragement/exhortation.
they think i'm crazy, but it's true.
when i encourage someone, i always feel as if i've received a blessing rather than been a blessing.
i'm so thankful that's one of the gifts God has given me.
i'm so thankful that He lets me uses it.
He...encourages me to use it through nudges of His spirit inside me.
(say this. go hug them. just be there for them.)
that's what i hear.

if you're visiting from the link-up at (in)courage, thanks for stopping by.
you've encouraged me.


how do you encourage others?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Naturally I had to stop by yours. LOVE the pics to go along with your words. Especially the mailbox ones!

  2. what a sweet and thoughtful post. i loved all your pictures. encouragement goes so far beyond our words and photos, doesn't it? it is difficult to describe, and yet we know when we've been blessed by it.

    thank you for your kind words on my blog. you encouraged me today!

  3. So glad to see that (in)courage has made such a great impact on you. Thanks for sharing the hope and encouagement cards! We like what you have to say about the cards, would you mind if we reuse your post in the future for Dayspring?

    Mandy @ Dayspring



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