Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a stitch in time...

So, I'm not a sewing person (I typed sewer, looks like....sewer...the sewage kind, so I recanted). Anyway, but I was goofing off this morning with my post below this about album names and the 2nd picture on Flickr is the picture below.

I thought, well isn't that gorgeous! (Isn't it?? I mean...really, very chic.) And the caption led me to a blog for Cherry House Quilts (see them under my favorites to the right). So I read a little bit and just thought it was uber-cool and had to share. Plus, I think a lot of women my age don't have a hobby or passion like that to call their own these days. Something hands-on that can change your life, you know? Mama used to make dresses for us kids when we were little. Well, not all the kids, just the girls, because a dress on a boy would be awkward. But I remember this one blue and white dress. Sarah wasn't born yet and Leah and I both had matching dresses and Ed had a shirt or something of some kind. I think I was so adorable in that portrait we took, even if I had a cut or something on my lip. All that being said...I wish I could sew.

My mother has been a quilter in previous years. She finished Sarah's (my sister) in I'd guess a year or so. It's a very bright pink/white background (not sure that's the appropriate word) and has flowers on it. Keep in mind, I'm pretty sure Mom just had the quilt top from a box she bought at auction and didn't piece the top by hand. Anyway, then I selected my quilt top and it was NEVER FINISHED. That's right Mom, I'm calling you out!! Get on it!! Oh, and that was like 3 or so years ago that she started for anyone thinking, "Give the lady a chance", so...she's had time.

If you're a quilter...or sewing person, visit Cherry House's blog! It has some pretty awesome quilts and, she's fun to read. it. The link is right over -->

By the way, I never understood that phrase, a stitch in time saves nine. What's that about?


  1. A stitch in time saves nine? Yep. I'm stumped too.

    Any way, sewing sounds like a fun hobby. I think a lot of women are interested in it deep down. I had a sewing machine as a child(kids version of course) but could never get the dang stitches to line up. Then in my early teens I tried to revisit sewing on my mother's abandoned machine but I could never figure out how to work the stupid thing. And Lord don't let the thing get 'unthreaded!'

    So yeah, as I was telling someone the other day, one of my main priorities for life after college is to find my niche: I've added painting to the list, singing lessons maybe, and I was thinking about taking a dance class? But who knows, maybe I'll give a little sewing a try too! Ultimately we all want to feel like we're good at something and that we have something to consume our time when we aren't working or studying or whatever. We all want something to be proud of. We spend too much time committing to things over which we have little control.

    Oh, and I was laughing to myself when I saw your profile pic. I had one of those pillow dolls growing up.. Like the exact same one! I had completely forgotten abou that thing until I saw your picture. She's kinda creepy looking.

    Ok, I officially feel old now... reflecting on my childhood. Thanks a lot! :)

  2. Ha! That's so funny about the pillow doll Gerilynn! That's not a picture of mine (that I still sleep with), but I found a picture of one in good condition and thought it was funny. I got mine from my older sister, Leah, about 15 or 16 years ago...she had had it for a while and passed it on. My pillow person's name is Alice.

    And I think you're right, deep down, if I had the resources (and the time) to sew, I totally would. When I moved to Dallas I decided to take up piano lessons but then work got in the way. I still have this nice keyboard that I bought and I fiddle around on it some, but I'm not proficient.

    Thanks for commenting!! That made my day :)

  3. Talk about feeling really bad!! Getting called out by your child on her blog is like... But on my behalf, I was working faithfully quilting BY HAND when my old eyes and neck started hurting really bad.
    You never can tell maybe by the time you move to Mississippi I might have it finished!!!!!

  4. Never knew you had a blog, Rebekah! I have one as well - TheMightyHugassin is it's title. Anyway, I'm a third generation quilter, and have actually made more than a few baby quilts for ladies at church when they were expecting babies. All machine-pieced but hand-quilted. I had to stop when I started working - just no time! I've actually been looking at a lot of my fabric and wanting to pick some up again.......

  5. You totally should Tarra! Although, after having just read your lastest post about going back to school, I can't imagine doing all you do and having 4 kids (ha, I'm including Mike) ;) and quilting. It really is a pretty cool form of art I believe :)



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