Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm baaaccckkk...

Long time no...blog! If anyone actually was reading my blog, I apologize for taking over a year to update it. My mom most definitely 'nagged' me (if asking nicely = nagging) whether I had updated my blog lately and so on and so forth. Well, one my most dear friends just had a baby and I thought, "If Carlin can do it when she's just had a baby, surely I can do it. I don't even have a baby!" So...here you go.

Not much is new with me except the fact that I've come to a decision to move back to Mississippi. Hopefully this move will happen in the next month and a half, but it's all riding on if I can find a job. The move was necessitated by my huge lack of not being able to be 600 miles away from my family and living by myself. I miss them dearly and am missing my precious nieces (Anna Woods - 3 1/2 years, Hadley Grace - 17 months and Mary Neal - 16 months) grow up!! That combined with the fact that I have one of the most loving, caring, considerate, funniest (and on and on) families in the world, well, you can see my dilemma. I'm trusting that God will work all the little details out and I cannot wait to see what He does.

I'm beyond excited at the thought that (hopefully) very soon I'll be less than 10 minutes away from most of my immediate family. I may not seem that excited but...I most definitely am. If you're the praying type, I ask that you pray for me a job. I have had one interview and my application was passed along to the accounting department who will decide whether to grant me another interview, but it's very nerve-wracking this job-searching business!

I must be off to bed. For now I'll leave you with some pics of my precious aforementioned nieces.

Anna Woods and Mary Neal :)

Ms. Hadley Grace :)

Just because I think they are adorable...

A.W. with my cousins Andrew and Eli

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