Monday, June 30, 2008

Not cool my friend...not cool.

This morning on my way into work (I seem to have an interesting commute), I was pulling into the parking garage and saw a truck do the unthinkable. Well, not really unthinkable, but...just stupid really.

In every parking garage I've ever been in you can either use a key-card to raise the gate or you can punch the little thing to give you a 'ticket' to raise the gate. Well, evidently the truck didn't know this or was trying to, I don't even know, but he tried to tailgate the car in front of him and get in under the same gate lift. This...didn't turn out well. Luckily I was smart enough to pull into the other entrance lane so as I'm getting my ticket I hear an awful noise, look up, and the gate is no more, causing the driver of the truck embarassment and backing up traffic to get into the garage.

Why'd he try it?

I don't know. And I can't really make the spiritual connection without a lot of thought that I don't feel like exerting, but...I just felt like sharing the story.

Oh, and I am going to San Antonio this week for the SOAR conference. SO much fun!!! Yay!

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