Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You make me happy

I've tried for the past 4 hours to go to sleep and it has avoided me. So, I got to thinking, what makes me happy (not joyful mind you, because joy I believe, only comes from the Lord and is everlasting whereas happiness is temporal)? I like to smile. Smiling's one of my favorite things to do. Just the fact that someone else's day can be changed from you giving them a smile makes me so happy. So I decided to start a list of things that make me happy. There are a lot and these are in no certain order, just the order of which I thought of them. Also, this list is by no means exhaustive...by no means!

- smiling - a good movie - a homecooked meal - the smell in the air right before it storms - new (comfortable) shoes - new outfits - singing - music - sleeping in - rocking a baby to sleep - talking on the phone to my nieces - childlike faith - trusting people - chocolate milk - reading at the lake - fall - christmas - pretty flowers - polka dots - finding money in my pockets - a good joke - people laughing with me - seeing good in people - chocolate cake with white icing - cupcakes - pregnant friends - a good book - answered prayers - letters in the mail - a cool pillow - my sister sarah's hair (no joke...she has great hair) - making new friends - seeing old friends that you haven't seen in a long time - weddings - little baby girl clothes (seriously....SO adorable) - christmas shopping - my mawmaw and pawpaw's old house - a fresh tomato sandwich - lush green grass - good ranch dressing - someone treating you to a meal - birthday cards - a pretty ring - a well-timed email - those surveys that you fill out on facebook (okay, moreso laugh than happy, but you get it) - starbucks - my nephew's humor - my mawmaw saying she loves me a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck - someone calling me aunt bekah - wonderful friends that are always there for me - board games - playing softball - taking way too many pictures - mawmaw - dad - mom - leah - ed - melanie - sarah - scott - anna woods - hadley grace - mary neal - uncle tony - aunt becky - andrew - eli - the local church - ms. michelle - carlin - laughter - phone conversations with family and friends -

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