Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update and half of my heart...

First off, thanks for all of your sweet words about yesterday's post. I really am blessed with some of the most encouraging and awesome friends and family on the planet. And if you're thinking, Rebekah, there are two comments on that post...I'll just let you know that I received many comments on the link I posted on Facebook.  Not that it matters. 

And just to clarify, after I re-read that post (numerous times) I really sound like I'm tooting my own horn. But, I hope you understand that was not the spirit behind it. This blog is much more stream-of-consciousness writing than anything and that's what came out.  Although, there are some times where I edit my thoughts a little bit to make them funnier.  Ha. What worries me is that I try to make them funnier, and they still aren't that funny.  Oh wells.

So, some people asked for an update on how yesterday evening went and can I just say, those women were absolutely tickled pink when I walked in their rooms. I gave Mawmaw, her roommate, and Ms. Mary Ruth all a little pottery planter thingy, some lotion, a balloon and a cute little card from Lifeway. I just searched online for like...5 minutes for the card I got Mawmaw because it was absolutely so flippin' adorable, but I couldn't find it.  But the gist of it, on the front it said something to the affect of my grandparents are the BESTEST and on the inside something about me being the BLESSEDEST (I was REALLY hoping when I opened it yesterday in the store that it said the grandchildren were the BESTEST too because...that would be funny, because I'm one of...like 8 grandchildren, so...anyway).

Ms. Mary Ruth gave me a hug. She had already changed in to her nightgown. At 5:40. So...that was kinda strange, hugging this little old lady in her nightgown, but it was sweet nonetheless.  She won Valentine's Queen for their little hall.  The same honor that she had said last Friday she was going to nominate Mawmaw for, but said Mawmaw wouldn't have it.  Mawmaw replied back with 'Oh yes I would!'. That was so funny.  Ms. Mary Ruth totally deserves it though. And it's nice that she the recognition.

The sad news is, I don't think she remembered who I was. :( I'd tell you why I think that, but, it's just sad, so...let's move on.

As I was walking out of Ms. Mary Ruth and her roommate's room they asked me if I was going out to dinner all dressed up like I was, which, I had on exactly what I wore to work, a black dress with pink and white flowers all over it over some tights and some black flats, and I had to tell them no. That I was going to go home and read and go to sleep. Ha. But they were just so complimentary (I really am going to go there any time I need a self-esteem boost!) ;)

As I was leaving MawMaw and Ms. Maxine's room, they complimented how nice I looked as well. I told them what their friends across the hall had said and Ms. Maxine says, 'Ohhhhhhhh, honey, I have a man for you!'

This is where I should have run out.  Her grandson, who I met the first time I visited Mawmaw, is available and apparently my age. She went on for 2 or 3 minutes telling me all about his great qualities.

So...evidently I should go to the nursing home for a self-esteem boost and to get set up on dates.



Last night as I got home, John Mayer's song, 'Half of My Heart' was stuck. in. my. head.  I like the song.  It's nice to listen to. Mellow. I had never really listened to the words before I don't guess. Well, I woke up this morning with the song stuck in my head and I swear I have 'listened' to the YouTube video about 20 times today. No. Joke.

I love John Mayer.  But I've noticed a pattern (thanks to Annie Downs' book!) that when I listen to him, I feel melancholy and boyfriend-needy and it's probably not a good thing. SO...maybe I shouldn't listen to him as much because...that who wants to feel melancholy and boyfriend-needy? :S Not me. But...for your listening pleasure and since I've listened to it a million times. Here's the "Half of My Heart" video.  It's sad. Sad song.

Is it just me or does he look really good in this video? 

Later y'all.


  1. Yes, John Mayer is attractive in this video...even on Sunday night at the Grammy's when he was looking more like Johnny Depp...which is fine with me, I like them both! haha!

    Happy Tuesday and love your stories about yesterday!

  2. Hmm...finding love in a nursing home. You'd have quite the story to tell your children some day! ;)

  3. yeah, he's way pretty.

    and i thought he looked like johnny depp at the grammy's too!

    and yeah, he makes me feel not only boyfriend-needy, but he has a song for every aspect of my life. maybe it's just a sign that we should be together? i can look past the drugs and ridiculous number of tattoos.



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