Monday, August 9, 2010

the one with some more cool pictures. it needs to stop.

I'm guest blogging over at the Sister's today. Can I just say I feel ridiculously important when I type that? Like I belong at (in)courage or...some other ultra-cool place. :) Here are a few snapshots from my weekend and Monday. I'm still in love with the Hipstamatic app.

Love. It. :) Enjoy!

Is that...bad?
In Downtown Tupelo?
Crazy cool.

This one too. The Firestone never looked so cool. Ha, get it? Cool? Fire? :) Sorry.

All Hadley wanted for dinner was CAKE! It was Nana's birthday last Thursday and this is some leftover cake. What's funny is she really only ate the whipped icing. She picked it off...and then ate the cake when Nana made her :)

SUH-WEEEET! Ugh, I just melt when I see that face! :)

Hope y'all have had an awesome start to your week! :D

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