Sunday, August 1, 2010

the one with the wedding reception where i got creative with the pictures...

So I was blessed to be able to go to Conway, Arkansas for Jordan's wedding this weekend. She started out as Sarah's friend and I kind of stole her to where she was my friend too. ;) I took a ton of picture with my NEW iPHONE 4 (yayy!!!!!) and this super ridiculously cool app called 'Hipstamatic'. So, I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves and I'll throw in a few words if necessary. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention Jordan (the bride) is a Christmas NUT!! She absolutely loves Christmas. Loves. It. So her reception was 'Christmas in July' :) What a cute idea! :) Enjoy!

Just 3 of the...9? 10? Christmas Trees at the reception :)

I love love love this picture. I had been trying ALL evening to get a picture of her from behind and finally got it. Ugh, love it.

This sort of reminds me of one of those pictures from 'The Ring'. Ugh, movie completely freaked me out. Leah and I had to watch 'Blue Crush' after watching 'The Ring' because we were so freaked out and would NOT go to sleep. Really...that movie is scary. But...this picture reminds me of some of those pictures in the video tape movie thing. In a totally nice way though. ;)

First dance. I LOVE this picture. Love it.

I HAD to get a picture with sister! I'm pretty sure that is a big ole fake smile plastered on my face. Don't particularly know why? Weird.

Flower girls :) And Sarah and Carli ;)

I just like this picture. They were talking and I just stuck my hand up in the air. I dunno.

Talk about a HAM! :) This is Toya's son, Turner.

That kid always has a story. He's also sang me a song about a sewer to the tune of something familiar that I can't think of right now. That's going to drive me nuts until I remember it.

And there's Toya! I think the look on Turner's face is priceless :)

Is my sister not gorgeous?? Plus the bridesmaid dresses were pretty anyway. :)

We were walking back into the reception after Jordan and Marty had left and I just happened to snap this picture. Lynzie was one of the maids of honor and is too ridiculously sweet and Nathan is a big 'ole goofball but the best thing about them is their love for the Lord. I'm so blessed to know them and everyone that was a part of this wedding. :)

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