Monday, April 25, 2011

winners, poetry and job situation update

First things first - 
Congratulations to Becca on winning the $20 Dayspring coupon code! Becca, if you're reading this, I'll be emailing you soon! Becca said she'd love to get Ann Voskamp's 365 journal or the cross I received. I think either would be a great choice :)  

Speaking of Ann, I woke up at 3:36 this morning and, not for a lack of trying, could not go back to sleep.  Well eventually I decided to look at the posts in my Reader on my phone and Ann had linked up to this video. If you are a single guy or gal, or if you appreciate poetry, you must. watch. this. A friend and I were talking last week about how stinkin' cool it is that God made everyone different and gave different people various talents and gifts. I believe this woman is definitely using those gifts! I'm pretty sure I'd never be cool enough to go to a poetry slam {is that even what they're called?} and I just think it's the funniest thing how they give snaps for applause. Makes me want to watch Legally Blonde.

Snap Cup? Anybody? 

So, I was most definitely watching that video and giving her mental snaps from the comfort of my bed at about 4:30 this morning. 

Thank you so much for the prayers for the job situation. {I can't figure out what to call it. Suggestions?} I have a couple of leads and there's one job that I think I would just enjoy tremendously and the possibilities just make me all happy dance on the inside wondering what God could do with me in that sort of position, but above all, I want His will. Even if that means Rebekah doesn't see the exact purpose in the beginning. 

Referring to myself in the third person? I think that's "I've been up since 3:36 this morning" talking.

Your prayers are coveted. Most assuredly. I officially have less than two weeks left. My last day is next Friday {May 6th}. Keep 'em going y'all. Keep. 'Em. Going. 

Lastly, y'all please be in prayer for the Stamper family. April Stamper, 17, passed away after a car accident last Friday night. It was prom night at two of the local high schools and they were on their way home after going to town to get ice cream. She, the other passenger, and the driver of the vehicle they were in were being completely responsible teenagers when a woman driving the wrong way down the highway ran into them head-on. I read a Facebook status update about a wreck on the highway about 10:30 and then I heard a helicopter not 5 minutes later. Helicopters around these parts are never good things and I knew someone was being care-flighted to Tupelo. I cannot even begin to imagine the heartache and loss her family and friends are going through. Please please please lift these up in prayer. Many of the students I work with at church on Wednesday nights went to school with April and were her good friends. I know they and the families of the others involved in the accident would appreciate all the prayer they can get. You can read more about the accident here

Thanks for praying y'all. It accomplishes so much. I think it's one of the greatest gifts God has given Believers. Use it for His glory. 


  1. I just read your post on your job I have zero interaction too, only with my 8 co-workers, and I'm not even a huge people person and I'm going nuts. I hope everything works out for you! I know it will!



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