Tuesday, July 5, 2011

oh the thoughts.

I got a lot of thoughts roaming around in this old noggan of mine.

How ABC should bring back a season of that show, "The Mole".
How I watch a lot more HGTV these days than I ever thought I would.
How I need to paint my toenails.
How we influence people whether we realize it or not.
How one day we're going to fall at Jesus' feet and cry Holy, Holy, Holy.
How God is asking me to use my word of the year a lot more than I thought I'd have to use it.

It's "trust" by the way. I think next year I'm going to pick a word like, love, or joy or eat, or something that doesn't require as much "effort". 

And that was just like 15 seconds. Maybe. You don't even want to know the rest.

All these thoughts swirl around and and around until I'm sick of hearing them. Things I want to share with you.

Good news is I now have a computer. So, hooray for you people that read this. I'm not making any big flashy promises, but I promise to be here.


Not once every 3 weeks. Because...you deserve more nonsense than that.

So...the end. You have something to look forward to? Maybe?

But seriously, dd y'all ever watch the first season of The Mole? Goodness I loved that show. And I knew the last few episodes who the mole was. She looked like a grown-up version of this girl I went to high school with. Bizarre!

Hope your Tuesday was grand :) 

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