Sunday, July 31, 2011

the reason it has been crickets around here...

Two weeks ago started Vacation Bible School at our church. 
And the nieces from out of town were here. 
So there was a lot of this.

And a little of this. 

{That's ice cream, btw.} 

And of course, purses from Aunt Sarah in the Philippines. :) 
Which, I think the purses are actually from China. 
Just go with it. 

Then last week was my trip to the beach
So there was a lot of this. 

And a little bit of this. 

And this view every morning. {Apart from the three that it rained.}

The complete lack of cell service and the whole watching kids thing kind of kept me from doing anything that took more than 2 minutes. Which means my poor Google Reader has 91 unread posts in it. 


I think it may just attack me. 


But I have some exciting news tomorrow. :) 

Yay for that! 

Hope y'all have had a fantabulous two weeks. 

Full of fun things and sunshine. 

P.S. I normally take WAY too many pictures. An entire 7 days at the beach? 
I took 10. 

Ridiculous! I think this may be an all-time low. 

Or actually that's probably the time I went to Disney World and took two pictures. 

Long story.

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