Tuesday, August 16, 2011

nothing is ever wasted...

Do you ever read something and think, "This isn't the first time I've heard that?" The following excerpts are from Beth Moore's "Paul" study that I have 20 something days left in. It's a journey through the book of Acts and it is exactly what God knew I needed during this time of so many unknowns in my life.

To give you some background, Paul knew he would be going to Rome. God has promised him that. But two years after He had made that promise, Paul was still sitting in a jail cell. Well...Paul eventually did make it to Rome. With some prison guards as his escort. I doubt when the Lord confirmed that call to Rome on his life that he thought he'd be going as a prisoner. Or that it'd be a while.

Good investigators ask certain questions: who? what? where? when? how? The context of Acts 26 shows what we may know: who is in control and even what He's doing and where he's leading--but we'll rarely guess when and how!
Not one minute is wasted, but God rarely seems to fulfill His revealed plan when we expect. 
Sometimes we can keep asking when God is going to do something He's already done.

God is the Deliverer, but we never know how He might deliver us. We see that God always fulfills His promises, just not always the way we imagine.

Praise God, He gives us what we need, not what we want. 

When we don't know what, when, where, or how, we can trust in who. We won't always find our answers, but we can always find our God when we seek Him with all our hearts.  And He will love and comfort us until all other answers come.
So maybe I'll try to stop asking the 'when' and just continue to seek God. I look back and see ways that God provided not in the ways I necessarily wanted, but in the ways I needed. Why do I think He'll somehow forget me this time?

I think it was particularly interesting that I read this on a day when I got an email back from my most recent job inquiry. They've appointed a Board member during the interim and the search is on hold while they assess their needs. I was waiting to hear back from this organization before I went another route. So...looky there at that answered prayer.

If you think about it, will you say a prayer for me? And all this job search jazz? I am so blessed to have friends that I know are praying. I get texts almost every day telling me how they're praying for me. I so appreciate it and I promise you that your prayers will not be wasted.

Keep seeking Him and His kingdom above all else, friends!

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