Thursday, January 14, 2010

birthdays, microwaves, etc.

It's my sister's birthday today!! She's the big 22! I thought about it this morning and it made me feel OLD. She also had her 'last first day of a college semester' today. She'll be graduating in May and I CAN'T believe it. hasn't sunk in yet. :( But I hope she had a GREAT day! One of her really good friends threw her a celebratory dinner tonight and I'm sad I couldn't make it up to Conway for it. You see, Sarah knew they were having a dinner but she didn't know that guests were supposed to go to the Goodwill store and get a tacky shirt and wear it to the dinner! It all stemmed from the purchase of the shirt she has on in the picture below. She got that...shirt, from the Goodwill and wears it ALL THE TIME. She's quite proud of it. Toya and I (and just about everyone else in our family) find the shirt atrocious. But...Sarah likes it so, I guess it's okay.

This picture was taken while Toya and Sarah were out shopping one day. It's also Sarah's Facebook profile picture. We hate it...even though my sister is so cute that she even looks cute in ugly clothes. You know those people? She's one of them.

Sarah and I on New Year's Eve! We're so sweet. :)

TOMORROW (the 15th) is one of my best friend's birthdays. Margaret will be 23!!!! OH MY GOSH. Margaret, if you're reading this, you're 23!! That's crazy too. Margaret and I go way back. You see, she used to be one of Sarah's best friends but then I stole her and made her my friend. We even lived together for a summer during college. She always talks about how she's sure she was a bad roommate, but she wasn't :) Margaret and I MIGHT be living together again soon! We don't know yet. We'll see. But I know it'd be so much fun :)

This picture is from when Margaret and Emily (another one of Sarah's friends that I kind of made into one of my friends) visited me in Dallas last March. We were sitting on 635 in Dallas at 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon and the traffic was gridlocked. Don't ask me how...I always thought 635 was more of a parking lot than a freeway, but, anyway, Margaret opens up my sunroof and takes a picture (you can see me in the background laughing. She is crazy!! :)

This picture is from February of 2007 when Margaret and I went up to Conway to see Building429 in concert at Sarah and Em's school. Evidently I thought it was a goofy picture and she was serious, for once. See, Margaret likes to act crazy in pictures. I don't know why. She also likes to jump into pictures. She's a camera hog I guess! :) Hog or not, I love her!! Happy birthday Marge!!

Last, but not least, I finally have a MICROWAVE!! I've been without a microwave since moving back to Mississippi and, while I haven't used it yet, I know it's going to make life easier. Some of the teenage girls from church had a slumber party at my house back in November and when I told them I didn't have a microwave, they didn't know how to react. They asked how I cooked anything. I thought it was quite funny. But, this couple that I go to church with (who's (step)son and daughter-in-law are some of my best friends and new neighbors) got rid of there's and bought a new one. Molly (the daughter-in-law) knew I didn't have a microwave so she called me up and asked if I still needed one! SO...there's a new addition to the kitchen. I hear it has a mind of it's own and that I'll probably become frustrated with it quite easily, but hey, a finnicky microwave is better than no microwave at all, right? :)

My 'new-to-me' microwave! Thanks Ms. Pam and Mr. Tracy! :)

I apologize for the 'look' of this post. Blogger is being crazy and I can't center and format things. Craziness. Enjoy anyway! :)

P.S. There seem to be a lot of :) in this post. I guess talking about birthdays and free microwaves makes me happy! :)


  1. Okay I never noticed this before but you and Marg have the same color eyes!! weird maybe she is the 4th daughter, just kidding. I'm like you sure wish we could have gotten to that party

  2. :D i AM the fourth daughter!

    thank you rebekah you just made my day! as i was scrolling down and i saw my name and was caught way off-guard! yayay thank you! and i agree, living together would be fun! again! and i didn't know you didn't have a microwave. :( i think i have one in storage that's been there since I moved out of the dorms my freshman year of too late now. but glad you got one!

    ps- random fact, but a fact none the less....did you know that every time i see the word "cuban" i think of you? and every time i see the word "gyro" i think of both you and sarah?



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