Saturday, October 29, 2011

my head hurts

I don't think I complain a whole lot. 

I usually see the best in situations. I once had someone say to me, "Well we can't all be incorrigible optimists can we?"

But I just have to say, my head really hurts. 

Part of it is because our weather has gone from fall-like temperatures to really cool fall-like temperatures and my sinuses can't handle it. I still don't  know how all that works.

But the main reason is this...

And this...

P.S. 3 of those 4 graphs are WRONG. Yikes. 

My Saturday was mostly dominated by factors and factoring.  

I was proud that on the last chapter test I took this evening, I made a 26/27. 

My life has been Algebra for the past week. Not much of anything else. 

I take my test exactly 2 weeks from today. 

Trying not to freak out. Especially since I just reviewed the sample questions on ETS' website and....yeah, I don't know how to work most of those. 

Lord, help me. 

All your prayers are appreciated friends!

If it's quiet around here for the next few weeks, it's probably because my nose is buried in some form of math textbook. 

A perk of all this studying? 

I've become an excellent pencil-sharpener. 

{See...incorrigible optimist.}

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