Thursday, September 1, 2011

if you like unicorns...

Y'all, IT'S SEPTEMBER!!!!!

That means cooler temperatures and fall-y things and...EEEEEE, I'm excited! of my dear sweet youth girls celebrated her 17th birthday yesterday and she absolutely LOVES unicorns. She has a unicorn pillow pet whose name I believe is Veruca LaDome {not sure on the spelling}.

Last year we saw Despicable Me to celebrate her birthday and I thought she was going to die of laughter after this scene.

Yes. So cute.

A picture of what her dream bedroom would look like?

I think that little stuffed unicorn may actually be what Veruca looks like. Maybe not. Hmmm...

So for her birthday this year, I wanted to give her a birthday greeting that she'd never forget. Something involving unicorns. I searched: unicorn, birthday song on YouTube and came up with this. 

YES! Seriously. How can you not like that? I laughed so hard. She loved it. My nephew, however, thought it was stupid. Boo.

I can't decide which of these vids is my favorite:

Your Haircut Is Growing On Me
Sorry You Failed Your Test
Sorry You Lost Your Phone
Thanks For Always Liking My Status Updates

I'm kind of thinking the status update one. Mostly because I have this sweet older lady I go to church with that "likes" almost every single status update of mine. Sometimes nobody has liked it and days go by and I'll get a notification that she just did. It really does make my day every now and then.

I'm not sure what that says about me. :-/

So, what's your favorite? Shall we put it to a vote? 

The real winner? Juicy Fruit. I mean, who comes up with this stuff?

It's almost the weekend!


Woot. Woot. 

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS - seriously one of my favorite parts of that movie...heck of any movie. IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!



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