Friday, September 30, 2011

lessons learned {from being a substitute}

I can't remember if I've shared on here that I'm a substitute teacher.
Yes. A substitute teacher.

It. Is. Fabulous.

I have learned some valuable lessons. Some, you can't really put a price on.

{1} Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher - Let's be honest, we've all had bad teachers.  People that obviously don't care for their students. If you are a teacher, you should probably like kids. You should also probably have a reasonably large pool of patience. I think if you have patience and like kids, maybe you should be a teacher. Teaching is most definitely a calling. And one of the most noble I believe. I subbed kindergarten last week and they were sweet kids, but, when asked again if I would sub? I had to say, "Thanks, but no thanks." because...they killed me. Literally. I died last Thursday. Maybe only for an evening, but...death still the same. 

If you went to kindergarten, move heaven and earth to find your teacher and say thank you.

I'm not kidding.

{2} Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher for 30 years - I've met lots of teachers that I bet were most excellent teachers. 10 or 15 years ago.  And had that pool of patience and love for children and desire for them to succeed. But now, it's long gone. And they're hanging around even though they can't stand the kids.

That makes me so terribly sad.

[Author's note: Everything from here on out isn't so serious...or sad.]

{3} Kids talk about the most random things - Today at lunch some 4th graders were talking about cancer. Cancer! And how some haven't met their grandparents because of it. And if there was a heart cancer. They then talked about Heaven. And gates.

Not every 4th grader is that...serious?

I've had conversations about monster trucks with 3rd graders. And Charlotte's Web {we read the last two chapters one day and I ALMOST CRIED. For real.} I've talked about Barney, the purple dinosaur, with Jr. High-ers. And llamas with kindergartners. Llamas. They couldn't believe I've petted a llama. Minds were definitely blown.

{4} If they love you, they draw you things -

Example 1 - Yellow Highlighter Heart - 6th grader

When I scanned it, the yellow highlighter didn't show up. Fail.
On my part.
Not their's. :)

Example 2 - Calvary - 4th grader

I'm not sure if this kids thinks I need Jesus?
Or he loves me like Jesus?
Could be a number of things.
Was a nice reminder during the day though.

Example 3 - I Love You Inside a Heart - 4th grader

I love this. The block letters.
The heart inside the heart.
Nice thing on a Friday.
Except she thinks I'm married.

Obviously, hearts are really popular. And I'm wondering if you're a girl, if that's what you HAVE to draw?

{5} Students like to find out every piece of personal information about you - Every class has asked if I'm married, if I have kids, and how old I am. Some have asked where I live. Which...ummm...awkward.

The very first kid that asked how old I was then asked, "Isn't that rude to ask?" to which I replied, " is."

BUT, their math problem of the day said something along the lines of Mrs. Smith is between 30 and 45 years old. The sum of the digits of her age is equal to 11. How old is Mrs. Smith?

So, what does Ms. Hebert do?

You wanna know my age?! You gotta figure it out! ;) Which, they did. But they learned math at the same time. That kinda made me happy.

{6} Math skills magically come back to you - I subbed 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math for a few days. It was amazing how I remembered how to add fractions, and flip the sign in >/

It's also amazing how you don't remember some things.

Like factor trees.

Ummm...anybody? :-/

{7] There's this thing called a Promethean board. - It. Is. Amazing.

I'm sure there are other things but that's what I can think of off the top of my head.

Y'all have a good weekend. While I go rest my feet. And my voice.


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